Monthly Give-Away!

Each month Aqua Art by Zeph will give away one A4 print to a lucky subscriber of our website.

If you are a winner, you can choose the photoart you would like printed as well as the choice of paper to be printed on, either fine art matte or metallic paper.

If you live in Australia this will also be mailed to you free of charge. The winning draw will occur on the last calendar day of each month and notification sent to the winner within 24 hours of the draw.

Read the Terms and Conditions so you know how this works. 

For international winners outside of Australia, as much as we would also love to offer free mailing of the print, unfortunately we cannot due to wide variations from country to country in shipping costs and means. Mailing costs will have to be passed on to you. Contact Us for a mailing quote.  

By becoming a subscriber you will also receive the monthly newsletter written by Zeph giving current news, behind the scenes stories, announcement of the monthly free give-away winner, “Tales from the Water World”, other photos not on the website, and more.

In addition to the free monthly give-away, subscribers to this website also become entitled to one free download of a screensaver of their choice. These screensavers are photos taken by Zeph and optimized for different devices. 

Monthly Free Print Give-Away Terms and Conditions


  • If you are a winner of the monthly draw for a free A4 print you agree to the following:
  • The winner has 7 days to respond to Aqua Art by Zeph (upon notification of being a winner) providing the name of the print they wish to have as a free print.
  • Failure to respond within 7 days will necessitate a re-draw and new winner. 
  • The winner must provide a specific address for the fee print to be shipped to. Post Office boxes will not be accepted. 
  • While shipping is free to winners within Australia, winners also agree to the Shipping Terms and Conditions as covered in the Frequently Asked Questions on the Aqua Art by Zeph website.
  • For promotional reasons, the winner agrees to have their name (first name will suffice) and town/city published in the Aqua Art by Zeph News Letter.
  • Optional: The winner agrees to provide a photo of themselves showcasing their free print and supply feedback on their win.
  • Non-consent to the above terms and conditions will automatically result in a re-draw for a new monthly winner.

See an image you love but it’s not for sale?

All images on this website, including images in our newsletters or videos are available for purchase.

If you don’t see the image listed in the product page then contact us and we will help you out.