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Resin Arts

Aqua Art by Zeph offers unique custom made artwork pieces called Resin Arts. These are images printed on high quality metallic paper mounted onto a sheet of brushed aluminium panel and sealed with a layer of high grade art resin. 

Not only do they look stunning, Resin Arts have a very practical advantage over glass or acrylic framed prints in that the image is fully sealed and not exposed to air (which contains small amounts of ozone which is the number one degrader of photographic prints), humidity or other elements which can degrade the image over time. Even under glass or acrylic it is often possible for dust, insects, moisture or other environmental pollutants to seep inside the frame. Another advantage of the resin finish is that light reflects differently off the resin finish as compared to glass/acrylic and makes the image “pop” and really stand out.

Zeph further offers additional artistic features to his work by mounting the art resin piece onto another sheet of brushed aluminium panel which is then encased in a handmade frame made from real wood (many of today’s are made to look like wood but are actually substitute materials). His preferred choice is Tasmanian Oak due to its beautiful grain which is then stained to a customized colour and sealed with a high grade water resistant finish making the problem of fingerprints on frames almost negligible. 

All pieces are handmade from start to finish by the artist himself with the exception of cutting and joining the corners of the frame where he uses a professional Framer utilising professional equipment only.

To acquire one of these beautiful custom pieces you can either purchase one of the pre-made pieces displayed below or order a custom made piece of your choice. Here you choose the image you would like from the website, choose the size you want and whether you want it framed or not including the colour of the frame.  We have found the most popular size to generally be around 670mm x 520mm (26”x20”). 

Contact the artist using the Contact Us form on this website to receive a quote, discuss choices or gain further information on these custom pieces. We will also be able to give you a quote on the shipping cost of your Resin Art based on your specific order and location.

See below for sample images and videos of custom made artwork.

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