Here you’ll learn what led me to photographing water and why I love what I do


My journey with water started at a young age growing up on the Mid North Coast of Australia where there was plenty of water. Swimming, surfing, water skiing and whitewater kayaking were my favourite sports through those years. During a whitewater kayaking race at the age of 18, I became trapped underwater under a submerged tree and slowly drowned. I would have stayed that way if it wasn’t for the rescuers who were present at the moment, who acted swiftly to free me up and (luckily for me) were able to resuscitate me. After that incident I found my love for water waning and I drifted off in other life directions.

I soon found myself heading for a backpacking trip around New Zealand. I wanted to learn photography and purchased an old film camera and walked miles to take amazing photos of this stunning country. Upon my return to Australia I eagerly turned in the rolls of film and waited with excitement to see the images only to find that not one of them had turned out usable. The only explanation that could be given was that airport x-ray machines had rendered the films useless. That was the end of my eagerness to take up photography. 

Life carried on in other tangents and many years later I found a renewed interest in photography and started all over again. Several years into this venture I came across the work of a very talented water photographer which re-ignited my love for water.

Water can be powerful and dangerous but it also has the ability to offer amazing aesthetic and calming qualities. And so, a new journey continues, enjoying the uniqueness of water photography, experimenting and always looking for new ways to create along the way. During this journey I picked up the nickname of “Zeph” in regards to my water photography work. 

I live in Coffs Harbour New South Wales where I am also a part time photography instructor and where there are ample bodies of water offering and waiting to be photographed.

I hope you enjoy this website. If you find a piece that resonates with you then take the plunge and get it on your wall where it can continue to bring you the emotion it evokes for you.


Tony Benson (Zeph)

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