In our current digital times, the whole process of creating art and photographs is all too often short-circuited to the final result of a digital image only. There is no doubt as to the benefits and advantages of what we can accomplish in the digital world and digital imagery certainly has a place and a role to play. But when it comes to the subject of art it is the belief of myself and many others that the actual end process should also include the printed form of that artwork. Art deserves to be printed and mounted where it can be visually displayed in order to maximise the emotional impact that it can impart to the viewer. Enjoy, but don’t just settle for the digital result. Reap the full benefits by going the whole way and investing in a print or completed artwork and display it where you and others can gain the most from it. 

Unless you are some *toffee-nosed art collector who buys art for all the wrong reasons, you buy art because it does something for you. It soothes you or makes you feel happier but in some way it resonates in a special way to you. And that is a worthwhile investment because it is an investment in you.  

Not so long ago I conducted a little experiment whereby I took down all the artwork in our residence for a week just to see what effect this would have. The place looked noticeably duller and lacked life. I found myself often feeling a bit restless or unsettled and at times experienced less pleasant emotions. My wife commented on feeling a similar way. These factors were rectified when I put the artwork back up. I found this to be quite an interesting experiment as though I was sure I would notice some change, I wasn’t quite expecting the degree of change that it did have. 

There is too much negativity in the world. We need more positivity. Art has a role and a purpose. It can totally transform the ambience or mood of your home and work environment and bring life to something that was priorly dull or mundane. It can impact your feelings, emotions and relationships with others. Don’t underplay its value. 

By surrounding yourself with positive creations I think you will find yourself in a more relaxed and happier frame of mind. 

If my artwork taps into and heightens your senses in some way then by all means buy my artwork. If it doesn’t, I urge you to look for an artist who can create that magic for you.


*(Toffee-nosed – pretentiously superior; snobbish – Oxford Dictionary)