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Aqua Art by Zeph

Transform your home and office with art that resonates with you. Art is powerful. Art is an investment in you, your family and friends.

Explore our range of unique and artistic imagery of Australia’s oceans, rivers and waterways created by artist/ photographer Zeph.

All Resin Arts are handmade by the artist himself using a combination of the printed artwork, metal, wood (for framed pieces) and high-grade resin.


We’re supporters of “Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef”. When you purchase artwork from us you help protect and conserve one of the world’s greatest natural icons.  Learn more about “Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef” and become a citizen yourself. Sign up now.


Hi I’m Tony (Zeph)

I believe art and aesthetics have a role and purpose and that surrounding self with such can help create a more positive sense of being. 

Tastes in art are very personal. If you find a piece of my artwork that resonates or ignites an emotional impact for you then invest in yourself by getting it on your wall where it can continue to bring you the emotions and resonance that it evokes for you. If my artwork doesn’t create that magic for you, I urge you to keep looking for an artist that does. Art has real soul value.

I live in Coffs Harbour New South Wales where there are ample bodies of water offering and waiting to be photographed and where I also work part time as a photography instructor.

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